For over 145 years, the Colorado State Fair has been a gathering place for Coloradans to celebrate agriculture, equestrian shows, food, competition, culture, creativity and our diverse heritage. Located in beautiful Pueblo, Colorado, the fair has long been a staple in the state. The first equine event was hosted in 1869 and the event has continued to grow since then.
The Colorado State Fair offers an effective marketing platform to build brand awareness, interact with consumers and achieve promotional goals. A few numbers to consider: 457,765 people attended the Colorado State Fair in 2021. On average, 40,000 people came through the gates on a daily basis, with the highest attendance of more than 60,000 people in one day. The event attracts families and competitors from across Colorado. The Colorado State Fair is committed to ensuring that its partners effectively engage each targeted demographic that aligns with its brand. 

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