August 23 - September 2, 2024

The Colorado State Fair is seeking a Courtesy Driver for the Horse Show and Livestock Departments. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Adhere to CSF dress code and department orientation policies
  • Adhere to CSF workday time check-in procedures
  • Work long hours; days ranging from 4-6 hours during fair time with no overtime
  • Required to work early mornings and/or late night according to the flight schedules with no over time
  • Drivers must be a minimum of 23 years of age
  • Have proof of current driver’s license, auto insurance and driving record
  • Able to drive the rented vehicle allocated to the Horse show manager
  • Driver must be responsible, self-motivated, and dependable
  • Driver must always present themselves in a professional and courteous manner
  • Driver must be able to get along with different types of people
  • Cater to passengers by providing attentive customer service and paying attention to detail
  • In case of emergency, the driver must know the location of fire and police stations, as well as hospitals
  • Be familiar with Colorado State Fair policies for emergency care and follow agency policies for reporting vehicle mechanical problems and arranging for service repairs or maintenance
  • Always operate the vehicle in a professional and safe manner, and comply with traffic laws and regulations
  • Responsible for maintaining good appearance by washing and vacuuming the motor vehicle and safety road performance condition by checking tire pressure and oil pressure
  • Driver must appear at their arrival and destination at the agreed time set forth in the Horse Show office schedule
  • Properly use seat belts as required by state law, verbally remind passengers of their responsibility to use seat belts at all times the vehicle is in operation
  • Operate the vehicle according to set policy and procedures
  • Safely organize and store luggage, equipment or supplies in the vehicle so they are secure in the event of a sudden stop
  • Select well-lit, safe areas, for parking vehicle, if possible. Place valuable equipment out of view and lock the vehicle when unattended
  • Be familiar with streets in the areas so you can choose the most efficient rout to destinations and avoid traffic.
  • Know the location of frequently requested destinations, such as airports, convention centers, hotels, and other points of interest.
  • Driver must be tolerant and level-headed when driving in heavy and congested traffic
  • When meeting our guest at the airport and hotels always help rider into the vehicle by holding open doors, holding umbrellas and loading packages an luggage into the back storage area or trunk
  • Wait for guests to acknowledge their check in at the hotel is satisfactory
  • Drop off and pick up guests from the hotel lobby only, do not escort to their room
  • If guests are requesting you take them to another location other than the Hotels or Airports, you must confirm with the Horse Show Manager before proceeding
  • Make arrangement with the guest for the exact time to be picked up from the hotel or fairgrounds
  • Responsible for $50.00 cash to pay for airport parking, must have receipts totaling the $50.00, otherwise driver is responsible for non-accountable balance
  • Compare schedules daily with the Horse Show Manager or Entry Clerk for any changes or delays
  • Always have cell phone “turned on” in case of changes of arrivals and departures or hotel reservations.
  • Deliver all judges to the Horse Show office to check in with the Horse Show Manger before judging their assigned show
  • Communicate effectively with staff, management, and exhibitors of any changes, delays, cancellations, or tribulations affecting the Horse Shows
  • Assist any handicap and elderly general public during fair time to wheelchair vendors or handicap/senior citizen designated areas
Interested candidates should complete the online application form below. No in person or paper applications will be offered. Please provide references that can verify your professional experience. Candidates that are being considered will be contacted by phone or email.
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