August 23 - September 2, 2024

Media Credentials & Info

2024 Colorado State Fair Media Policy

Credentials are distributed on an as-available basis to journalists of recognized news outlets who are on assignment to cover the Colorado State Fair.  All media must request to visit the fair by submitting a 2024 Credential Request. Journalists must represent recognized daily or weekly newspapers; news services; recognized national/regional radio and television networks; local radio and television stations; and/or recognized Internet sites. In each case, this determination is at the sole discretion of the Colorado State Fair.



For public safety reasons, media credentials are only issued to working media as defined by this policy, and at the sole discretion of the Colorado State Fair. Media credentials will not be granted to applicants that do not meet the established criteria.



A history of being granted media credentials to the Colorado State Fair DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval of a media credential for this year’s State Fair and does not waive the credential application and approval requirements. The Colorado State Fair reserves the right to deny or revoke media credentials for any reason.



The provided 2024 media credential must be worn at all times. Receipt of the 2024 Colorado State Fair Media Credential confirms an understanding and agreement from freelance photographers that the images recorded will only be used for specific stories related to the Colorado State Fair. Photographs cannot be sold over the Internet or used in any other way.



Accredited media are expected to cooperate with the public health and safety procedures and requirements implemented by the State of Colorado, Pueblo County Health and the Colorado State Fair. Media access may vary by event, and the media rules of each respective event must be followed. 


Media Office

The 2024 Colorado State Fair Media Center will be located south of the Colorado Lottery Building. Vehicles, please enter through Gate 1. Pedestrians may enter through Gate 2. 

Colorado State Fair Contact

Amy Gillentine

Colorado Department of Agriculture Director of Communications and Public Awareness

Olga Robak


  • Enter venue at your own risk. 
  • Colorado State Fair assumes no responsibility for the spread of infectious diseases. 
  • By entering you agree that you are accepting responsibility for your own personal safety and the safety of others by following all CDC recommended guidelines, including social distancing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. 
  • Utilize hand washing and sanitizing stations regularly. 
  • Do not enter the fairgrounds if you are susceptible to illness or are showing symptoms of infectious disease.
  • By entering the fairgrounds you are acknowledging that you are releasing the owner and all sanctioning and participating parties of liability. 
  • The act of entering the venue hereby releases, waives, discharges, and covenants not to sue the venue owner, event organizers, and affiliated parties.
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