August 23 - September 2, 2024

Celebrating Colorado’s Youth: 4-H Projects Shine at the Colorado State Fair

4-H history displayEvery year, the Colorado State Fair brings together a diverse community to celebrate the state’s rich agricultural heritage, to showcase its unique art and culture, and to provide exciting experiences for all Fairgoers. The 4-H projects at the Fair are highly anticipated, with participants proudly showcasing their skills and creativity in categories ranging from livestock shows to arts to robotics.

Livestock and Animal Projects

Teen girl showing pig

One of the most popular exhibits, the livestock and animal competitions always draw a crowd. Youth participants showcase their hard work and dedication in raising and caring for cattle, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, and rabbits. Judges evaluate the animals based on breed standards, and participants are recognized for their knowledge and commitment to animal husbandry. These projects demonstrate the importance of agriculture in Colorado and instill responsibility, empathy, and work ethic in Colorado youth.

STEM and Robotics

a group of 4-H teens show off a robot project

As technology plays an essential role in modern agriculture, the 4-H projects at the Colorado State Fair now include STEM and robotics categories. These projects provide an opportunity for participants to develop skills in programming, engineering, and design. Young innovators create robots to perform various tasks, compete in challenges, and showcase their creativity and problem-solving abilities. STEM and robotics projects help prepare the youth for a bright future in a rapidly advancing world.

Horticulture and Gardening

a little girl tending a garden

With a strong focus on environmental stewardship, the 4-H horticulture and gardening projects at the Colorado State Fair promote sustainable practices and emphasize the importance of locally grown produce. Participants demonstrate their knowledge of plant science, soil management, and garden design with their meticulously grown plants and vegetables. These projects help foster a love for nature and an understanding of agriculture’s vital role in Colorado.

Creative Arts and Crafts

Two men look at a display case full of ribbons

The creative arts and crafts 4-H projects at the Colorado State Fair allow participants to express their artistic talents in various mediums, such as painting, drawing, photography, sewing, woodworking, and more. These projects encourage youth to explore their creativity and develop skills that can lead to potential careers in art and design. From intricate quilts to breathtaking paintings, the creative arts and crafts exhibits are a testament to the incredible talent of Colorado’s young artists.

See the Exhibits at the Colorado State Fair

Some girls in 4-H showing lambs

The 4-H projects at the Colorado State Fair showcase the dedication, hard work, and passion of the youth in our community. These projects teach valuable life skills and inspire a love for learning, innovation, and personal growth. As we celebrate these accomplishments, we also acknowledge the critical role that 4-H plays in shaping the future leaders of Colorado and beyond.

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