The show requirements and general information is now available online.  Click on the page below to access the information.  Exhibitors should read and be familiar with all show requirements as well as arrival/departure dates. 

DNA envelopes for goats, hogs and lambs were available for order until May 16th (we allowed an extra day because the site went down on May 14th).    In order for there is enough time for exhibitors to receive  DNA envelopes to meet the June 1st postmark deadline, DNA envelopes are no longer available to be ordered.  If your county submitted retinal scans for beef, goats and lambs, DNA is not required.  

Envelopes for Market Goats, Hogs and Lambs will be due to the Colorado State Fair on June 1st. (postmark)  ALL MARKET HOGS must submit DNA to be eligible to show. 

The “tentative” Livestock and Small Animal schedules are posted, just click on the link below.  Please remember these schedules are tentative and may be changed at any time.   

Follow the Livestock Department’s Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.  

The official Colorado State Fair Livestock photographer is Beverly Englert and you can view and order pictures from the 2021 Fair at