August 23 - September 2, 2024


CSF Base Aerial

About the Master Plan – The Colorado State Fair and Fairgrounds are a vital community asset for Pueblo and a cultural and historical asset for the State of Colorado. The State Fair showcases the State’s diverse industries, crafts and agricultural heritage. It also provides opportunities for youth engagement in agriculture and supports emergency relief efforts as seen in the adaptive re-use of its facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The State Fair generates more than $29 million annually in economic impact to the surrounding area (per a 2004 report) and provides, through its 101 acres of public lands, an affordable and accessible amenity for a diverse population. A historic asset of the State, the fairgrounds are currently facing issues common to many state fairs, including aging facilities and a backlog of building deficiencies, limited funding, competing venues and operational losses. The Master Plan serves as an essential guiding document to address many of these complex issues and a roadmap for the implementation of the Colorado State Fair Authority’s (CSFA) Broadest Ends Statement for the Fair and Fairgrounds.

Master Planning began in 2017 with the Visioning Master Plan. This earlier effort resulted in the need to refocus efforts on optimizing the fair and fairgrounds. The current Master Plan outlines a compelling vision for the fair and fairgrounds that creates a vibrant heart of the community and an inviting outdoor space. The fairgrounds are anchored by new, attractive and flexible facilities, and sustainability and resilience are embedded in every aspect of the fairgrounds.

The Master Plan identifies a suite of capital investment projects for the Colorado State Fair. These projects are important for advancing State Fair goals and cannot be funded with existing resources. Costs are significant and require external support. To build momentum, the Colorado State Fair will focus on securing state, federal, and foundation grants.

For more details about the exciting future of the Colorado State Fair and the complete Master Plan draft, click here.

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