August 23 - September 2, 2024

What is this promotion for?

The Colorado Lottery is presenting Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo at the Colorado State Fair on September 3, 2023. This promotion will serve as the mechanism for Lottery players to obtain a voucher good for one free entry to the Colorado State Fair and admission to the Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo concert.

When does the promotion end?

Sunday, September 3, 2023, at noon or while supplies last. If all seats have been claimed via redeemed vouchers prior to this end date/time, the promotion will end. Vouchers will no longer be available at Lottery retail locations regardless of a qualifying purchase and unredeemed vouchers will not be valid.

How do I get a voucher?

Vouchers will print when a qualifying Lottery product purchase is made from a retailer clerk or self-serve vending machine.

What is a qualifying purchase?

A single purchase of $30 or greater of the following product. Purchase must be made on one ticket.

  • Powerball – with or without Powerplay and/or Double Play
  • Mega Millions – with or without Megaplier
  • Colorado Lotto+ – with out without Plus
  • Lucky For Life

What are the base price points of each product tied to this promotion?

  • Powerball = $2
  • Powerball with Powerplay = $3
  • Powerball with Double Play = $3
  • Powerball with Powerplay and Double Play = $4
  • Mega Millions = $2
  • Mega Millions with Megaplier = $3
  • Colorado Lotto+ = $2
  • Colorado Lotto+ with Plus = $3
  • Lucky for Life = $2

What are some examples of a qualifying purchase?

  • 10 Powerball with Power Play. $3 each x 10 tickets = $30 purchase
  • 10 Powerball with Double Play. $3 each x 10 tickets = $30 purchase
  • 10 Powerball with Power Play and Double Play. $4 each x 10 tickets = $40 purchase
  • $2 Powerball for 15 advanced draws. $2 each x 15 draws = $30 purchase
  • $3 Powerball for 10 advanced draws. $3 each x 10 draws = $30 purchase
  • 10 Mega Millions with Megaplier. $3 each x 10 tickets = $30 purchase
  • $2 Lucky for Life for 15 advance draws. $2 each x 15 draws = $30 purchase
  • 10 Lucky for Life for 2 advance draws. $20 ticket x 2 draws = $40 purchase

Where can the qualifying purchase be made?

All Lottery retailers with the exception of online couriers (Jackpocket,,, and

How do I redeem a voucher?

Players will redeem their vouchers at (add link). Upon redemption, concert ticket with gate admission will be emailed to you.

How many concert tickets can I get with one voucher?

Each voucher is good for one gate and concert admission for the Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo concert on September 3, 2023

How many vouchers can a player redeem?

Players can redeem a maximum of two vouchers per email address.

Can vouchers be used for another concert or day at the Fair? No, the voucher is good only for the Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo concert and gate admission on September 3, 2023.

Do vouchers have a cash value?


Is there an age restriction of who can attend the concert?


Can tickets to this concert be purchased at or other websites?

No. Tickets to this concert can only be obtained by making the qualifying purchase for a voucher at any Lottery retailer and redeeming the voucher at



If you prefer not to purchase Lottery products, you can visit the Colorado State Fair box office or call 719-404-2071.



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