The Fine Arts Exhibition is one of the longest-running and finest traditions of the Colorado State Fair. The Fine Arts Exhibition provides an unmatched opportunity for both Emerging Artists and Professional Artists from around the state to participate in a quality exhibition. We strive to meet our mission of “Quality, Quantity, and Diversity.” The Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition serves to offer the arts community a special, annual show that is a direct result of the passion and hard work of many loving employees, students, and volunteers. Thank you! We hope your experience with us is a memorable one.

“And there should be no lagging or hanging back by anybody who has anything worth exhibiting” Pueblo Chieftain, Sept. 15, 1887 (in regards to entering the CSF Fine Arts Exhibition)

A special “THANK YOU!” to our amazing Sponsors!


  • Release – Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.



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2021 Fine Arts Results:

Exhibition Judges 2021

Steve Wood is a dad, husband, artist, community builder, teacher. and art car enthusiast. His community work includes a wide range of projects through the non-profit Concrete Couch. His personal work includes murals, mosaics, painting, sculpture and building site-specific cat patios. Steve is a board member of the national non-profit Community Built Association. He is a rock climber (and taught with the Colorado Outward Bound School for 20 years), and plays the trumpet, inexpertly, with anyone who will join him.
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Fumio Sawa is an international artist currently working and living in Trinidad, CO where he co-owns Fumio Sawa Fine Art His works hang in private and institutional collections in five countries and twenty-five states. Fumio received his training in Fine Arts in Kyoto, Japan, where he studied both Western and Japanese art. For the first twenty years of his career, he worked primarily in traditional watercolor and oils. In 1999, Fumio also started focusing on abstract, developing his unique combinations of line drawings which balance color and movement. Fumio spends hundreds of hours drawing and painting each piece, using a Wacom tablet and pen as his brush and a computer screen as his canvas. His experience in watercolor guides his hand as he explores the limits of his new palette, ranging from thin layers and subtle nuances to bold application of color and form. Many of the pieces are created entirely by thousands of interlaced and layered lines. The result is an astounding sense of depth and contrast creating a three-dimensional illusion which appears to generate its own sources of light. A solid composition speaks of stability and tradition, while the bold and innovative use of line, color and movement gives a progressive, cutting edge feeling to this contemporary work.