Fiesta Day at the Colorado State Fair

horses and riders posing at fiesta day at the Colorado State Fair

Every year, Hispanic communities from around Colorado travel to the Colorado State Fair to attend the extremely popular Fiesta Day. ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE COLORADO STATE FAIR, where you’ll find endless fun, FREE things to do, and something for every member of the family! Colorado State Fair is back, and happy to be your family’s favorite fair destination. Check out this year’s livestock show schedule and concertrodeo lineup at!

little girl waving to the crowd on the 3 Margharitas float at the Fiesta Day parade

Held in September on the Sunday before Labor Day, Fiesta Day is by far the most popular day of the fair. Thousands of people attend this exciting tradition to celebrate the rich Hispanic culture and history of Colorado.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the fun events that take place during Fiesta Day and give you a general overview of what you can expect during this exciting celebration.

Fiesta Day Parade

One of the biggest attractions during Fiesta Day is the incredible parade, where thousands of people show up to watch or take part. From musical marching bands to flag-twirling flagbearers to cheerleaders dancing on decorative moving floats – the parade has it all! The parade goes on for over an hour, and you can watch a wide variety of performances go by.

Mariachi Music & History

Several mariachi bands give free live performances during Fiesta Day, filling the air with the sound of traditional Mexican music. Sunday morning of Fiesta Day begins with an outdoor mariachi mass, where a mariachi band plays holy songs. That’s not all, though. Throughout the day, you’ll be able to hear mariachi music everywhere you go — during the parade, in the rodeo arena, and around the fairgrounds.

Celebracion de los Charros

Charros are expert horsemen who wear sombreros and traditional Mexican outfits. They are famous for their legendary horse-riding skills. Watch these skilled cowboys perform on their impressively trained horses — handling them with total mastery and practically becoming one with the animal. Witness their impressive rope skills as they twirl and swing their lasso with elegance and precision.

Caballos Amaestrados at the Colorado State Fair

Caballos Amaestrados (Trained Horses)

You may have seen animals perform impressive tricks, but you’ve never seen an animal dance like the incredible horses during Fiesta Day! Their performance has been described as a “ballet of horses,” and it’s easy to see why. Under the masterful command of their riders, these equine beauties gracefully move like four-legged ballet dancers. If you’ve never seen a horse dance before, you’re in for a treat. Also, this is a favorite event among children!

Baile Folklórico (Folk Dances)

In the folk dances on Fiesta Day, elegant dancers in traditional Mexican-style dresses dance to mariachi music. Witness their brightly-colored dresses sway in the wind as they spin and twirl around, the very image of Hispanic beauty and grace. Meanwhile, gentlemen in festive suits accompany them. With careful coordination, the male dancers help balance the bright colors and poetic motions of the female dancers with neutral colors and smooth, controlled moves of their own. This stark contrast makes them complement each other perfectly — creating an eye-catching appearance and making for an incredible show.

 Niñito at the Colorado State Fair

Cultural Foods

In addition to the classic carnival foods, you’ll find various delicious Hispanic cultural food at the Colorado State Fair during Fiesta Day. Some examples of the delicious foods you may find include:

  • Tacos – which often come deep-fried for added flavor (like most fair foods).
  • Chimichangas – essentially deep-fried burritos.
  • Quesadillas – both fried and unfried.
  • Sopapillas – a delicious deep-fried pastry (usually topped with powdered sugar and honey or chocolate syrup).
  • Tamales – which uses corn-based dough steamed in corn husks.
  • Elote – grilled corn on the cob that’s slathered with mayonnaise, sprinkled with chili powder and lime juice, and topped off with Mexican cotija cheese.
  • Gorditas – a masa flatbread filled with a delicious meat and cheese filling.

Traditional Decorations

Everywhere you look on Fiesta Day, you’ll find beautiful cultural decorations all around you that represent the rich Hispanic culture. You’ll see:

Mexican band plays at the Colorado State Fair

  • Brightly colored clothing and tapestries.
  • Festive sombreros and stylish ponchos.
  • Horses in traditional Mexican saddles with colorful embellishments.
  • Stylish charros waving Mexican flags atop their steed.
  • And you’ll hear the sound of cheerful mariachi music and smell the aroma of delicious cultural food in the air.

On Fiesta Day, you get the feeling of being transported to Mexico, with all the rich aspects of the culture packed into one fun day.

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