Fun Things To Do For Teens in the Summer

Teens walking around the Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair provides a plethora of fun things to do for teens in the summer. From exciting carnival rides and delicious food to action-packed rodeos, concerts, and motorsports events, there are endless opportunities for teens to have fun.

This article will cover some of the most popular attractions for teens at the Colorado State Fair.

Live Music and Concerts

Every teen loves music, which is why the live music and concerts at the Colorado State Fair are an excellent choice for teens. Every year, the Colorado State Fair hosts a large variety of live performances of different genres. Trendy among teenagers are the hip hop and rock ‘n’ roll bands that come to perform, as well as modern-style country groups. While the lineup of performers changes every year, the 2021 Colorado State Fair will include popular performers such as the hit rap star Nelly, the timeless rock ‘n’ roll group George Thorogood and The Destroyers, and the excellent modern country star Dustin Lynch, among others.

Additionally, teens will be able to attend various free live performances from indie musicians around Colorado.

Face Painting

A favorite of children and teenagers alike, face painting is another popular attraction for teens. Face painting allows teens to look like their favorite movie characters for a day, such as Ironman, Catwoman, or the Joker. Alternatively, they can get an animal face painting, such as a tiger, lion, or cheetah. Or even a beautiful Day of the Dead-inspired skull painting.

Boyfriend and girlfriend in bumper car looking to cause some damage to others around them!Carnival Rides

Of all the people that visit the carnival, teens tend to be the most daring, opting for the scariest and most thrilling carnival rides, including:

The Zipper 

Notorious for being one of the scariest rides in the carnival — twisting you in multiple directions, rocking you back and forth, and swinging you around from high in the air. Only for the bravest souls.

The Freak Out

Swings you back and forth on a pendulum while spinning you in circles at the same time. It is closely tied with the Zipper for being one of the scariest rides in the carnival.

The Fireball

A massive circular wheel with cars attached on the inner side. The cars spin around the wheel in a full 360 degrees as passengers repeatedly get flung upside-down.

The Drop Tower

Slowly elevates you several hundred feet in the air before dropping you in free fall toward the ground — only to slow down and catch you at the last minute. A nightmare for those who are afraid of heights.

The Hi-Roller

An oval track with cars attached to the inner side, similar to the Fireball; however, the track itself rotates as the cars circle around, constantly flipping you upside-down in an endless cycle.

Carnival Food

If there’s one thing that’s universally true about teenagers, it’s that they like to eat a lot. That’s why the carnival is the perfect place for teenagers to chow down! The best fair foods we’d recommend most for hungry youngsters include:

Shot of happy female friends in amusement park eating cotton candy. Two young women enjoying a day at amusement park.


An open-faced cheeseburger smothered in green chili that’s local to the Pueblo region. Great for teenagers who are from out of town and haven’t tried this delicious regional meal.

Skewered exotic meat

Including alligator, ostrich, and camel meat on a stick, among others. Remarkable delicacies that every teen is guaranteed to tell their friends about!

Giant turkey leg

A super tasty and filling piece of meat jam-packed with protein, it’s an excellent choice for growing teenagers.

Funnel cake 

A classic fair favorite made from deep-fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and garnished with various sweet toppings. A popular choice among fairgoers of all ages, including teens.

Rodeo cow kicking its hind legs up at the Colorado State Fair rodeoPRCA Ram Rodeo, Calcutta & Ranch Rodeos

Another fair favorite among teens is the rodeo, where they can watch a variety of adrenaline-inducing shows and events that require lots of skill. One popular event is the “barrel racing” event, where the rider maneuvers the horse around the track in a clover pattern, bounding around three different barrels at top speed while trying not to knock them over. Others love seeing the hair-raising action of bull riding. This event is one of the most difficult (and dangerous) in the rodeo — an exciting show to watch! Other rodeo events that are popular among teens include tie-down, also known as calf roping, where the contestant attempts to precisely throw their lasso to restrain a fleeing calf and saddle bronc riding!

Monster truck leaping off a bus at the Colorado State Fair Monster Truck ShowMotorsports

Two other events that are hugely popular among action-loving teens are our motorsport events, which include Toughest Monster Truck Tour and the Demo Derby.

Toughest Monster Truck Tour

In Monster Truck Freestyle, these massive two-ton machines dive off of ramps at full speed and perform a variety of impressive tricks (such as wheelies). It’s worth attending just to see these remarkable works of engineering with your own eyes!

Demo Derby

Demo Derby, on the other hand, is a spectacle of pure destruction. Drivers in souped-up scrap cars ram into each other, seeking to inflict as much damage as possible on their opponent’s vehicles while minimizing damage to their own vehicle. The last car that’s still running properly (i.e., not totaled) at the end wins.

Two exciting shows to watch for thrill-seeking teens!

Teen looking and choosing crafts at the Colorado State FairStuff for Teens to Buy

At the trade show and & shopping center at the Colorado State Fair, teens will find plenty of items they’ll love to take home. Some examples include:

Cowboy and cowgirl hats and boots 

A great way to impress your friends with a cool new style!

Tie-dye shirts and sweatshirts

(which are making a massive comeback among teens nowadays and are considered “in fashion” again).

Paintings, sculptures, and original artwork

Perfect for teens who want to make their room look cool and unique.

Handcrafted jewelry

Jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and friendship bracelets made of metal, glass, wood, or leather. This one-of-a-kind jewelry provides an excellent way for any teen to show off their sophisticated fashion sense and express their unique individuality.

Arts & crafts supplies

Great for teenage artists who are looking for the highest quality supplies to enable them to create masterpieces of their own.

Plus much more, such as clothes, tech gadgets, stylish bags, electric scooters, remote control cars, board games, etc.

Teen friends at amusement park. They are eating candy and having fun Fun Things To Do For Teens in the Summer

Whether it’s the food, carnival rides, concerts, or the countless other events, the Colorado State Fair is packed with a large variety of fun things to do for teens in the summer. So give us a visit. You’re guaranteed to have an absolute blast!

For more information, visit our homepage to discover our planned events, or give us a call at 719-561-8484 to learn more.

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