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Colorado State Fair’s Rich Traditions

Colorado State Fair traditions highlight the preservation, promotion, and display of our state’s rich and diversified agriculture, industry, and culture in an exciting, inspirational, and informative intergenerational event that you shouldn’t miss.

Rodeos, livestock and animal displays, concerts, carnival rides, cooking, baking, brewing events, arts and crafts judging, and more are among the contests and entertainment offered during the Colorado State Fair.

 This article will highlight the variety of cultural and traditional aspects of the Colorado State Fair.

Two blonde-headed boys wearing brown work overalls stand proudly next to a cow in the field for the 4-H Club

4-H State Fair Competitions

4-H programs in Colorado allow youths to study, practice, and apply information and skills to prepare them for success in further education, careers, and life. “Make the Best Better!” is a constant goal for us. The following are some of the events:

Presentation Day: enables participants to show their public speaking skills through speeches, demonstrations, skits, or table-top displays, among other things.

Home Arts: Gun safety and cleaning, gardening, cooking, knitting, scrapbooking, and arts and crafts are part of the action-packed, fun-filled day.

Livestock Judging Day: An inspection of beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and goats starts the day. Following the judging, members will examine each class and be given justifications for their class ranks. Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Adult age divisions each get prizes.

Dog Show: The yearly Dog Show is a joyful event when the Dog Project’s dog handling skills are shown. There are competitions in showmanship and obedience.

A little girl smiles and steers a bumper car with her dad sitting next to her at the Colorado State Fair

Carnival Rides at The Colorado State Fair

There are carnival rides for individuals of all ages and temperaments at the Colorado State Fair. Rides like the Kamikaze, Frisbee, Zipper, or Hi-Roller are all recommended if you want the scariest, most exhilarating experience. On the other hand, the Swing Ride, Scrambler, and Pirate Ship are thrilling but not too terrifying if you seek a more “moderate” thrill.

Finally, if you have young children, classic carnival attractions for kids such as the Carousel, Bumper Cars, and Ferris wheel will delight them. So, if you’re looking for a great time this summer, join your family and visit the Colorado State Fair!

Cultural Foods

One of the most excellent parts of visiting the fair is being able to sample a broad range of delicious fair food. Food at the Colorado State Fair is unlike anything else, from gigantic smoked turkey legs to sugar-coated funnel cakes to bacon-wrapped jalapeño peppers. Whether you desire a salty and savory dinner, a sugary treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, or just an afternoon snack, you’ll discover a favorite fair food. At the Colorado State Fair, there are many popular fair meals.

Giant Turkey Legs

One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting the fair is that you may forego “good table etiquette” and unleash your inner caveman or cavewoman! There’s something primal about grabbing a large slab of meat and tearing into it, brazenly enjoying the smoky, meaty deliciousness without fear of being judged. The Colorado State Fair’s enormous turkey legs are one of the most popular fair dishes.

A warm plastic bowl of nachos stacked with melted cheese and jalapenos sits in a red gingham paper liner.


The legendary slopper is a green chili-smothered open-faced cheeseburger unique to the Pueblo area. If you’re visiting the fair and haven’t eaten this tasty local specialty yet, you must try it! The World Slopper Eating Championship, a professional eating competition to see who can eat the most sloppers in the shortest time, is held at the Colorado State Fair every year. It’s a lot of fun to see! That’s why the slopper is a traditional fair cuisine and a special Colorado meal.

Fried Pickles

If you enjoy pickles, then you’re in for a real treat! Despite their strange combination, fried pickles are a staple fair delicacy and a favorite among pickle fans. This fried treat combines a typical dill pickle’s tangy, crunchy pleasure with a crispy golden-brown breading. It’s usually served with ranch dressing, which you can use to dip the pickles in for an extra layer of flavor. This combination generates a delicious burst of taste in your mouth, and it’s a must-try for pickle fans!

Soft Pretzels

Unlike hard and crispy pretzels, the soft pretzels at the Colorado State Fair resemble freshly baked bread. They come with a cheesy dipping sauce and are gently seasoned. A quick and tasty snack!

Boudin Balls

Boudin Balls were first popularized in 17th-century Louisiana by French immigrants, and they have since become a national fair food staple. They’re created using a mixture of ground pig sausage, rice, and spices wrapped into a ball before being battered and deep-fried. If you’ve never had it, it’s a European delicacy that you should try!


Another favorite meal at the Colorado State Fair is this classic Mexican snack. Expect a giant mound of deep-fried tortilla chips drenched in gooey queso and topped with any toppings you want: jalapenos, pulled pork, ground beef, sour cream, chives, and many more.

Beer and Wine Competitions

A close-up of four friends' hands as they toast with craft beers in clear bar glasses.

The Colorado State Fair Craft Beer Competition invites licensed craft brewers from throughout the country to compete. More than 400 breweries have established themselves in Colorado. Although Coloradans did not invent craft brewing, they are credited with refining the craft beer art. The following are some of the competitions:

Commercial Wine Competition

Using American Wine Society guidelines, judges taste and place wines based on flavor, vintage, and appellation. All commercial wineries are welcome to make their wines available to the mavens and masses.

Hobby Wine Competition

The Colorado State Fair Hobby Wine Competition looks for hobby winemakers to compete. Our expert judges will choose the future winemaker champions. Let your wine do the talking!

Homebrew Competition

Get your kettles and buckets boiling to brew a batch of beer, mead, or cider for the annual Colorado State Fair Homebrew Competition. Homebrewers are urged to enter their finest recipes to win the prize!

Craft Beer Competition

The Colorado State Fair Craft Beer Competition invites licensed craft brewers from throughout the country to compete. With so many excellent craft brewers in Colorado, the competition is fierce. Raise your status!

Two women at the Colorado State Fair wearing summer garb laugh while enjoying a snack and walking the midway

Enjoy All the Culture and Tradition Colorado Has to Offer at the Colorado State Fair  

A visit to the Colorado State Fair is one of the most enjoyable summer activities. There are various ways to enjoy your stay, from grooving out to soul-soothing live music to seeing exciting rodeo events and feasting on delectable regional cuisine.

Come to the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo this summer if you’re searching for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Contact us if you have any queries or want further information.

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