August 23 - September 2, 2024

The Colorado State Fair— Inspired by the Chicago World’s Fair, 1893

People walking down the midway at the Colorado State Fair on a sunny day

With nearly countless fun activities, the Colorado State Fair is one of the best places to be this year. Finding another venue where you can participate in multiple cultural and nostalgic events is challenging. The Colorado State Fair is a fun-packed, 11-day activity you’ll remember forever if you attend.

As the Colorado State Fair celebrates 150 years of fun, we invite you to enjoy our mind-blowing activities. It’s a no-miss event because of the excitement it comes with. 

A Brief History of the Colorado State Fair (And How The World’s Renowned Fair Inspires it)

A toddler rides a carousel horse as his mother holds him

The Colorado State Fair dates back to the 19th century, 1872. During this time, the State Fair was held by the Southern Colorado Agricultural and Industrial Association. The association managed the site independently without financial assistance from the state or the community. 

Near the end of 1886, the State Fair became a separate legal entity before purchasing 50 acres of land near Mineral Palace Park. In 1890, the management moved the State Fair to the west of Lake Minnequa on 100 acres of land. Eleven years later, the State Fair midway moved to its present-day location—Pueblo—on 102 acres of land.

The Mexican Pavilion was the first historic structure to be built on the current site. Today, we have fourteen historical buildings in store for you to come and witness.

With impressive landscaping, paved streets, and dozens of thrilling events, the Colorado State Fair 2022 brings you a line-up of fun activities. These activities combine contests, education, and live entertainment to pump your adrenaline.

Do you want in on all this exciting stuff? You’re only a ticket away from the great Colorado State Fair. 

The Chicago World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition, 1893) Inspires the 2022 Colorado State Fair

1893 Chicago World's Fair Fete Night Illumination illustration

The Chicago World’s Fair, 1893 (Columbian Exposition), was the world’s most magnificent fair at the end of the 19th century. It was a six-month extravaganza of entertainment, education, and amazement. The World’s Fair aimed to present America’s best accomplishments, triumphant progress, and unity. 

The Colorado State Fair midway is no different. Participants showcase their best projects like creative creation, livestock projects, and compete in contests. The State Fair’s mission is similar to the Chicago World’s Fair; bringing people together and intoxicating them with entertainment, education, and rare fun activities.

Mind-Blowing Fun Activities You Don’t Want to Miss At the Colorado State Fair

The events at the State Fair are exhilarating, unique, and extraordinary. The Fair is fun-packed to ensure you and your family experience a moment you will never forget. From special competitions to exciting events, the State Fair has nearly everything you need to forget life’s hassles for a while and have fun to the fullest.

Here are some activities you can expect from the Fair: 

Intoxicating Rodeo Events That Are Difficult to Find Anywhere Else

A woman clings to her horse as they race through the stadium

At the Colorado State Fair, we take rodeo seriously. We offer various rodeo events that are nearly impossible to get anywhere else. Our rodeo activities include but are not limited to: 

  • Bull riding: You will witness a courageous cowboy with supreme mental toughness and intense physical prowess mount a muscular bull and hold it for dear life. 
  • Bronc riding: In this event, a cowboy rides a powerful horse that bucks constantly to test the cowboy’s ability to stay on. 
  • Barrel racing: Come and witness unique coordination between a horse and the rider. The rider must control the horse around a specific track and make sharp turns around barrels at full speed without knocking over the barrels. 

Thrilling Carnival Rides That Make You Intensely Excited

Three people on a hangliding themed carnival ride at the Colorado State Fair

Having the best day of your life at the Fair wouldn’t be complete without a few carnival rides. To experience some thrilling moments, take a ride on the terrifying Zipper, Hi-Roller, or Super Shot ride at the Colorado State Fair. These rides leverage extreme heights, dizzying spins, and high speed to give you the fright of your life.

Don’t worry if you prefer less-terrifying carnival rides. We have the Carousel, classic Ferris Wheel, and Bumper Cars suitable for adults and children.

Delicious Carnival Food That Leaves You Begging for More

A man in an apron tends an outdoor grill filled with turkey legs at the Colorado State Fair

Whether you have an empty or full stomach, the carnival food at the Fair will be irresistible. There’s something for everyone at the State Fair, from ice cream to smoked turkey legs (our most popular fair food) to open-faced cheeseburgers drenched in green chili. Indulging in our deep-fried goodness shouldn’t feel sinful. After all, the Fair’s delicious treats are only available for a limited time in a year.

Soul-Touching, Outdoor Live Music

After a long, fun day, nothing feels better than listening to soothing live music at our Bud Light Grandstand—a rodeo arena that becomes an outdoor music venue at night. Meet some of the country’s best musicians performing at the Colorado State Fair. 

There will be a variety of fantastic shows to choose from this year, from top country music artists to renowned standup comedians who will be performing starting Friday, August 26th, through Monday, September 5th.

The headlining acts include Walker Hayes, American pop-country singer, celebrated standup comedian Jim Gaffigan, and Lady A, the Grammy-award-winning country music trio. Each of these artists will perform a show during the 11-day fair.  If you would like to purchase tickets, Click Here

If you are interested in checking out some local artists or new music, numerous Indie musicians from around the state put on free, incredible live performances. No matter what your taste or your budget, the Fair has something for everyone!

Magnificent Outdoor Activities that Come as a Bonus

Penquins at the zoo

Enjoy additional outdoor activities by attending our fun-packed Colorado State Fair. For example, you can visit: 

  • The Lake Pueblo State Park: It’s a massive lake for swimming, jet skiing, and fishing. 
  • The Pueblo Museums: Book a State Fair ticket to get a chance to visit the Rosemount Museum, a 19th-century museum.
  • The Pueblo Zoo: You can visit this multi-species zoo with over 400 animals during the funfair. 
  • Historic Arkansas Riverwalk: It’s a beautiful trail for foot tours in the most scenic parts of Pueblo. 

The Colorado State Fair is the Place You Need to Be to Experience the Best Moment of Your Life

A juggling comedian at the Colorado State Fair balances a tower of stacked boxes on his face

Booking a ticket for the Colorado State Fair is a no-brainer. After all, you will have countless ways to enjoy life with your loved ones. From soul-touching live music by renowned musicians to watching rodeo activities to enjoying delicious cuisines and carnival rides, the State Fair is a fun-packed event you shouldn’t miss. 

We invite you to visit the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo this year. Buy your ticket right now to secure your place at the fair. Call us today at 719-561-8484 for any inquiries. 

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