August 23 - September 2, 2024

Be Entertained at the Colorado State Fair: A Summer of Thrills and Unforgettable Music!

Flobots live performance shot

Every summer, the air buzzes with excitement as the Colorado State Fair unfolds and showcases an array of Fair events and adrenaline-charged rodeo shows. People travel from all corners of the state and beyond to pilgrimage to Pueblo and experience the allure of these outstanding spectacles.  This blog explores the most beloved State Fair events […]

Animal Competitions at the Colorado State Fair

pig looking up from pen

Take a thrilling ride into the world of animal competitions at the renowned Colorado State Fair. The Fair showcases various events featuring everyone’s favorite animals. From the sheer strength of working horses to the high-spirited antics of farm goats, the Colorado State Fair is a haven for animal lovers and a must-see spectacle for all […]

Celebrating Colorado’s Youth: 4-H Projects Shine at the Colorado State Fair

Colorado 4H Logo

Every year, the Colorado State Fair brings together a diverse community to celebrate the state’s rich agricultural heritage, to showcase its unique art and culture, and to provide exciting experiences for all Fairgoers. The 4-H projects at the Fair are highly anticipated, with participants proudly showcasing their skills and creativity in categories ranging from livestock […]

A Whirlwind of Wildlife: Uncovering Interesting Animals at the Colorado State Fair

Close-up of cow at the Colorado State Fair

Colorado’s biodiversity is rich and varied from farm critters to other kinds of wildlife. And every year at the Colorado State Fair, people from all walks of life can experience – up close and personal – some of the furry, fuzzy, slinky, and scaly featured animals that live in the Rocky Mountains. Alpacas Alpacas are […]

The Thrilling World of Rodeo: An Exploration of its History, Events, and Challenges

A woman rides a horse in an arena holding the American Flag

For decades, rodeo events have thrilled audiences of all ages. With roots in cowboy culture and the settling of the Wild West, rodeo events showcase the people and animals’ skill, strength, and determination. In many events, like barrel racing, animal and humans work together. In others, like in bull riding, it’s a competition and a […]

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