August 23 - September 2, 2024

Celebrate Fiesta Day at the Colorado State Fair

A Mexican rodeo rider faces the camera sitting on his horse holding the Mexican flag

Every year, Hispanic communities around Colorado attend the extremely popular Fiesta Day at the Colorado State Fair. Since its inception in 1965, the annual event celebrates the Latino and Hispanic culture in Pueblo and across Colorado, showcasing traditional Mexican food, Folklorico dancers, and of course, mariachi music. The Fiesta Day event is held every September […]

Colorado State Fair: How Carnival Rides Have Changed Over the Past 150 Years

Carnival ride at the Colorado State Fair

Back again this year, the Colorado State Fair will open its doors on Friday, August 26th, through Monday, September 5th. The Colorado State Fair is finalizing preparations for the 150 years celebrations opening in late August. The attendance thus far has significantly ticked upwards with a growing focus on balancing longstanding tradition with new performances […]

150 Years of 4-H Exhibit at the Colorado State Fair

A judge talks to a 4-H contestant at the Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair is the perfect opportunity for 4-H members to showcase the skills they have learned and projects they have worked on throughout the year. At the annual State Fair, the success of thousands of youths who have grown and learned new things through 4-H is celebrated. The State Fair allows them to […]

The Colorado State Fair— Inspired by the Chicago World’s Fair, 1893

With nearly countless fun activities, the Colorado State Fair is one of the best places to be this year. Finding another venue where you can participate in multiple cultural and nostalgic events is challenging. The Colorado State Fair is a fun-packed, 11-day activity you’ll remember forever if you attend. As the Colorado State Fair celebrates […]

Agricultural Revolution: Top 8 Trends in Foods and Farming

The agricultural revolution fulfills a rising need for sustainable agriculture, farm automation, and digitization. Emerging agricultural trends represent a change toward modern agriculture, marking a shift towards adequate time and resources while minimizing crop losses. Although these trends remain different, most of them lead to two key themes: new technology and climate-change solutions. Let’s look at some of […]

150 Years of Live Music at the State Fair

The first entertainment acts of the 2022 Colorado State Fair have been announced, and from the State Fair concert lineup, fairgoers are in for a memorable music history experience. Some of the top country music artists and renowned standup comedians are set to entertain revelers on Friday, August 26th, running through Monday, September 5th. The […]

America’s History of Quilt Competitions at The Colorado State Fair

Quilts are functional works that are also considered textile art. They were a standard item in the homes of early settlers as they migrated across America. Families worked together to create quilts for everyday use and special occasions, like wedding gifts. They utilized padded materials for clothing, bedding, and even armor in practically every corner […]

The Best Authentic Mexican Food at The Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair is always a great time, but one of the most anticipated aspects is when they bring in the best Mexican food vendors from around the state. From tacos to burritos to quesadillas and more, there’s sure to be something for everyone—and it’s worth checking out if you’re heading to this year’s […]

Tradiciones de la Feria Estatal de Colorado

Feria Estatal de Colorado destacan la preservación, promoción y exhibición de la rica y diversificada agricultura, industria y cultura de nuestro estado en un evento intergeneracional emocionante, inspirador e informativo que no debe perderse. Entre los concursos y el entretenimiento que se ofrecen durante la Feria Estatal de Colorado se encuentran rodeos, exhibiciones de ganado […]

Colorado State Fair’s Rich Traditions

Colorado State Fair traditions highlight the preservation, promotion, and display of our state’s rich and diversified agriculture, industry, and culture in an exciting, inspirational, and informative intergenerational event that you shouldn’t miss. Rodeos, livestock and animal displays, concerts, carnival rides, cooking, baking, brewing events, arts and crafts judging, and more are among the contests and […]

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