General Entry & Fine Arts

What is the General Entry Office?

We are one of three competitive departments at the Colorado State Fair! We host non-animal competitions called still exhibits. General Entry offers judged competitions in baking, canning, sewing, crocheting, quilting, agriculture, arts and crafts, beer and winefine arts, and more! We receive thousands of entries each year that showcase the best of Colorado. Check out our Special Contest page for sponsored competitions and fun contests for children.

Why enter?

Many people engage in hobbies and have passions. We stand in our kitchen separating egg yolks to make the perfect meringue. We sit beside table lamps and write the last line. Next to trees, we harvest grapes and work long into hot summer evenings baling hay and reaping crops. We enter many midnights with wet paintbrushes and sore hands. Some of these things we do give us creative outlets to play. Some of them put food on the table. Some of them are traditions. All of them give us pride to be able to build, create, sustain, and nourish. And once a year we come together as the state of Colorado to show each other what we can do!

Life of an Entry
  1. Create something great that falls into one of the competitions we offer!
  2. Register by filling out an entry form and submitting the appropriate fees before the deadline. There are three ways you can do this—online, mail, or come visit us!
  3. Bring in your awesome work on the receiving day set aside for the department(s) you are entering.
  4. Judging is open to the public, and you are welcome to respectfully watch the process.
  5. Enjoy the Colorado State Fair!
  6. Check each department for a release day to know when you can pick up your entry. Non-placing entries are typically released after judging; however, some departments differ (e.g., baked goods are donated to the Soup Kitchen to help feed people in need).
  7. Start planning what you will enter next year!